Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Just when you think you're doing so well, leave it to a doctor to tell you otherwise! I had my "annual" checkup yesterday (in quotes because it's been three years since my last checkup), and I was more than a little surprised to be told I'm consuming too much salt. Huh? I don't add salt to anything, how can that be? Well, after going through several questions about packaged foods, snacks, soups, drinks, etc. we came to the conclusion that I'm still eating too much fast food! 

I was so proud of the strides my family and I have made in that realm - cutting way back to maybe once a week. Not only was my doctor completely unimpressed by that number, he told me that, even at 1 time per week, we are what McDonald's corporation considers "heavy users." (Even if we mainly go to Jack in the Box?) Then he told me something even more shocking to my system -- he feels it's only acceptable to eat fast food once or twice a YEAR!! And even now I'm hyperventilating at the thought.

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually like fast food. I think it's evil, I know it's killing America slowly, it's the main reason for the obesity epidemic in this country, and it's the main reason for the expansion of the Industrial Food Complex. I don't want to support the industry. But, aside from the "cost effectiveness," it's a time issue for me. Sometimes fast food really is all we have time for. I admit, once a week is still too often to eat fast food. But once or twice a year? That just doesn't seem doable to me.

I also need to know what exactly he considers "fast food." For instance, does he consider Chili's/Applebee's/Chevy's to be fast food? Or just the places we traditionally think of like Burger King and McDonald's? What about Running Rooster? If he considers all restaurants to be "fast food" I'm in BIG trouble because I wasn't counting all restaurants when I said we have fast food once a week. 

I was just starting to consider going gluten and dairy-free (which will most likely put the nail in the coffin as far as eating out goes anyway), now I can't eat anything with sodium. It's not looking good. I know I was going to use this blog as a way to offer tips and strategies for going organic to others, but it looks like I need a little help myself! What, for instance, do I pack in my children's lunches that's gluten-free, dairy-free and fun? Just don't ask me to go meat-free, I can only handle so many freedoms at once!